How We Operate

Safety First

At JJB, this isn’t just a statement, it’s how we operate. Our employees are our most valuable assets and everyone deserves to work in a safe environment and return home safely to our families every day. At JJB, we hold each person, from the newest crew member to the President, equally accountable for safe work practices and creating a safe place to work. JJB uses the Speak Up/Listen Up program, focusing on improving communication when an employee identifies something unsafe. This program requires everyone to reinforce a safe work culture and encourages safety feedback to supervisors and management. We regularly utilize constructability reviews, preventative design, and safety apps and programs to keep team members safe. Our employees and partners exercise life saving practices and exceed in safety industry standards for continuous learning, mentoring, and leadership opportunities.

Full Service

In order to streamline efficiencies, schedules, and budgets, our clients and partners leverage JJB’s full range of services. Our work includes pre-construction/value engineering; site preparation; earthwork; underground utilities; concrete foundations and flatwork; aggregate surfacing; and site restoration.

Utility Infrastructure

At JJB, we are experts in all facets of the infrastructure of utility construction and maintenance. We specialize in the construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair of electrical substations, electric distribution lines, battery energy storage systems, and transmission lines for power plants, solar power, and wind farm generation. JJB can handle foundations for transmission line structures of all types and sizes. We can install deep drilled pier type foundations and vibratory caissons. We have completed projects in some of the most challenging conditions. From farmland to mountains to heavily populated urban areas, in solid rock or crossing bay, on flat sandy soil or on steep rocky inclines, we can do it all.
We have perfected our approach to working in live electrical substations. We navigate the complexities these types of sites are known for, including planning for proper live equipment clearances, site specific personal protective equipment (PPE), and attention to energized overhead/underground lines.


As a financially stable organization, we are proud to have the security, flexibility, and capacity to outlast the financial swings that beset the construction sector. We are able to maintain strong relationships with financial institutions, vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors because we promptly pay our debts and obligations as they mature.